The Time for an Exceptional Education is Now

St. Luke's School (SLS) is a secular (non-religious), private day school in New Canaan, CT serving grades 5-12.

Beginning in fifth grade, SLS students understand they are active participants in their education. They do not just sit and passively receive knowledge. With care and guidance from exceptional teachers, they explore topics, discover interests, and forge their own paths. The confidence and skills that emerge serve students throughout life. When they move to Upper School, they do so knowing they can do hard things. They have agency. Be it in class, on the stage, in the designLab, across the athletic fields—students are prepared to thrive.

Will reflects on his journey from 5th through 12th grade at SLS.

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To learn why SLS has never been better positioned to help students thrive, come visit us! Just a few questions and we'll notify you of future events.